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The Sunday Night Movie Review – “Puss in Boots – The Last Wish”

This week’s Sunday Night Movie was an all ages winner; Puss and Boots, the Last Wish. Our favourite Spanish tomcat has burned through 8 of his 9 lives and finds himself hunted by Death in the form of a Wolf dressed in a black cloak. 

Sibo is an animation fan and thoroughly enjoyed the movie, saying, “you don’t need munchkins (kids) to enjoy this one!”

The action packed story includes various fairytale characters reimagined, such as Pinocchio, Humpty Dumpty, and Goldilocks and the three Bears. However, this time, Goldi is a self-serving leader of the Bear family determined to be reunited with her ‘real’ family no matter the cost. Goldi is typically shown as innocent and kind, but here she is actually a villain. Sibo has long been suspicious though. She exclaimed, “Oh, I’ve always know that ka’girl is a problem!”

Little Jack Horner, a nursery rhyme character, makes an appearance as a spoilt trust fund kid who hulks out when he doesn’t get his way. Ex-fiance and bounty hunter, Kitty Softpaws, is contracted to find the fallen Star that will grant one lucky person a single wish. Puss makes a true friend, Perrito, a loyal Chihuahua disguised as a cat.

Shona said that the conflict of this movie has a clear and relatable message; “you have one life, live that life and enjoy it. Don’t always be looking for something else”. Mooks got on the line to share his take on Puss. Him and his kiddos really enjoyed it. Mooks quoted Game of Thrones saying “‘What do we say to the god of death?’ Look at your foe and tell him “Not today”.”

Death will come for Puss, but in the meantime, he gets to choose love and friendship.