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The Sunday Night Movie Review – “Shaka iLembe”

Shaka iLembe

Elzita Beukes joined Sibo on the line on Monday to discuss the beautiful new series premier of ‘Shaka iLembe’ that aired on Sunday 18 June. From the captivating opening scene to the childhood that shaped Shaka into the king that he would become, this first episode struck deep.

While no-one was surprised by how influential Nandi (Shaka’s mother) was in Shaka’ progression, Nandi’s story unfolded brilliantly; the woman warrior, the matriarch! In historical fiction such as this, liberties are certainly taken with dialogue, but it is awesome to see pre colonial women with agency. As Shaka comes of age in his mother’s house, we can see how we are the product of our family. The kind of mother he has explains the majesty of who he becomes. 

The series is set on the rolling hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal and shows the unification of the many small Kingdoms under King Shaka. The retelling of African history celebrates the beauty of all bodies, kapunda and 6-pack alike, with amazing actors and high quality cinematography.

Sibo is excited to see how Shaka evolves into a strategist and mighty king over the coming episodes. Maybe we need a Shaka iLembe club?


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