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The Sunday Night Movie Review – “The Estate”

Sibo and 99FM producer Shona had a chat in studio about the Sunday Night Movie, The E$tate. This dark comedy shows a fractured family brought back together by the imminent death of a wealthy matriarch. 

Toni Collette and Anna Faris star as sisters who try everything to get back in the good graces of their estranged and difficult to please aunt before she passes to inherit some of her fortune. When they arrive, they learn that several of their cousins have had the same idea, and now the family is competing for Aunt Hilda’s affection.

Shona enjoyed the “delightful blend of comedy, genuine moments of connection and relatable characters exploring the idea of community”. Sibo particularly enjoyed Anna Faris playing Savannah. Faris is a comedic actress and a comedian herself and gave the movie a great balance of comedy and drama. “It centres around something so morbid; someone dying. But now that she’s dying, we want her money,” Sibo said, adding “I was so grateful for my family!” She also offered a disclaimer; this film is not family friendly in terms of language. 

When the cousins banded together, it resonated with Sibo; the camaraderie. When they stopped fighting each other and teamed up. “I loved how dysfunctional it was,” Sibo laughed, “the portrayal of a perfect family would be unrealistic. You don’t choose your family!”

While some of the things the characters do may seem absurd, everyone has a price, right? How far would you go to inherit an unearned fortune?

Catch the Sunday night movie on M-Net channel 102 or on Catch-up and join Sibo every Monday morning at 7:30 for her take. 


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