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Transforming Lives through Yango Partnership in Namibia

‘’The story of Simeon Bernadino’’

Venturing into ride-hailing with Yango
The whole journey began in 2018 when Mr. Bernadino founded Modern Marketing Consultancy Cc, primarily focused on the tourism industry. Operating two vehicles in the taxi space served as an additional revenue stream, but challenges emerged in managing drivers and tracking income. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the tourism sector prompted a shift in strategy. Yango, entering the Namibian market earlier this year, presented a golden opportunity. To comply with regulations, Modern Tours and Transfers CC was established, paving the way for legal trade in ride-hailing services under the Yango partnership.

Yango Partnership: Fueling Growth
The Yango partnership brought significant benefits, providing a robust ride-hailing
platform, startup capital, and app access for drivers. With Yango, Modern Tours and
Transfers Cc efficiently manages a fleet of over 1600 drivers, experiencing exponential
income growth. This success enabled the establishment of a fully-fledged office,
employing 10 young individuals and offering opportunities to over 1600 drivers in
Namibia. The partnership extends to full-time, part-time, and seasonal drivers,
promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Empowering Entrepreneurs: A Yango Advantage
For those contemplating the Yango partnership, Mr. Bernadino emphatically declares
Yango as the future of ride-hailing in Namibia. The user-friendly platform requires no
initial investment, providing a complete solution with dedicated apps for investors,
drivers, and customers. His advice to fleet owners is clear – Yango is the platform to
choose for entering or expanding in the ride-hailing space.

Yango: A Lifeline for Growth
Mr. Bernadino’s favorite aspect of being a Yango Partner is the platform’s respect for the
partnership, constant improvement, and dedicated support, ensuring a seamless
experience for customers. For him, Yango has been a lifeline and a golden opportunity
to grow and expand operations, enriching not only his professional life but also enabling
the creation of generational wealth.

Modern Tours and Transfers Cc extends an invitation to all individuals with vehicles or
those aspiring to enter the ride-hailing services to visit their office at 17 Hahnemann
Street, Windhoek West. Contact them at +264812028971, and follow their journey on
Instagram (@modern_tours_and_transfers) and Facebook (Modern Tours and Transfers).

Simeon Bernadino’s life has been enriched by the Yango partnership, turning dreams
into reality and proving that Yango is more than just a ride-hailing platform – it’s a
transformative force for businesses and lives in Namibia.

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