Satisfy your Culinary Curiosity at JoJo’s.

This Friday on the 4th of March, experience dining like never before, with the re-opening of JoJo’s Music and Art Café.

Photo-2The revamped JoJo’s  offers something totally different for the senses, with the same laid-back atmosphere and funky vibes JoJo’s is renowned for. The culinary experience at JoJo’s promises to be both entertaining and exciting, what with it being the home of modern and innovative Namibian cuisine.

JoJo’s brings you an interesting destination experience, with food, music and art inspired by different places around the world. The culinary journeys will take you around the world with special events and equally special food. Let Head Chef, David Thomas, and the Mad Food Scientist, Christie Keulder from The Curious Kitchen delight your senses.

Combined with flavourful food, the wine pairings together make for a true taste sensation. JoJo’s wine recommendations are customised to fit the menu from day to day, and the wines are handpicked from both famous and lesser known wine houses.

Join in the taste experience at JoJo’s this Friday. Visit Jojo’s on Facebook to make your reservation and for more details.

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