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Job Amupanda: Servicing of Plots to Continue Despite Water Crisis

Spotlight News, this week focusses on the progress made in the Massive Urban Land Servicing Program which was introduced by Government in collaboration with the Affirmative Repositioning Movement(AR Movement) in August 2015. We speak with AR Movement’s Job Amupanda on the progress made so far since the AR Movement engaged with Government to assist in the plight against the landless in the country.

Spotlight News sat down with Founder of the Affirmative Repositioning Movement, and Land Activist, Mr. Job Amupanda and City of Windhoek Corporate Communications Officer, Mr. Joshua Amukugo.

For the full interview, listen to 99FM’s Maggie Forcelledo speaking to Mr. Job Amupanda and Mr. Amukugo below. We apologise for the poor sound quality. You can also listen to the Spotlight News weekdays at 8h35 on the Ignition on 99FM.