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Explore the world, one destination at a time. We share stories, tips, and insider knowledge that will inspire you to plan your next adventure.
Monday to Friday @ 09h15

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There is so much content out there to consume and we're sharing the books, shows, podcasts etc from Namibia and abroad that will shift and expand your mind.
Monday to Friday @ 09h45

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080) PART 2-10

A quick bite-size tip to keep your mind and body energized for the rest of the day..
Monday to Friday @ 10h30

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080)-10

Weekly vibes with everything cool and current on the local music industry front with Namibian artists making things happen at home and beyond. Putting a spotlight on Namibian music.
Monday to Friday @ 11h15

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080) PART 2-11

We share and discuss environmentally-conscious tips and tools to save our planet for the next generation.
Monday to Friday @ 11h30