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Well(th) Talks is all about building wealth through smart financial strategies. We're discussing the importance of setting financial goals and creating a roadmap
Monday to Friday @ 18h15

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The show explores the world of side hustles and how they can help you achieve your financial goals.
Monday to Friday @ 18h30

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Bite-size is all the information you need to keep you informed and entertained.
Monday to Friday @ 18h45

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Stop the endless scrolling on the feed and engage in some interesting conversation on our Nightly Poll.
Monday to Friday @ 19h10

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My Selection: Play a snippet, and complete the lyrics.
Monday to Friday @ 19h30

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A thrilling quiz show that takes listeners on a virtual journey around the globe as they try to guess the name of the city, landmark, or natural wonder based on the clues provided by our presenters.
Monday to Friday @ 19h45

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It’s the late-night sexy and saucy hour on 99FM with Pillow Talk.
Monday to Friday @ 20h15