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A fast-paced, kicker of a show that gets bodies moving, minds racing and energy levels right up!
Monday to Friday @ 06h20

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There are a series of numbers and decisions that make our economy turn, and they never sleep. Keep up to date with daily Namibian Business & Financial news.
Monday to Friday @ 06h30

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News from around the world isn’t all doom and gloom. And we LOVE to share good news stories to remind us all that hope in humanity is alive and thriving.
Monday to Friday @ 06h40

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A high-five fist bump to everything that goes right in the Land of the Brave. Individuals, companies, and government – if you’re doing something to take Namibia forward, we say Bravo! to you.
Monday to Friday @ 07h20

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We’re sharing the personal stories of the Big Cats in the business and hearing their journey from childhood, to their side hustles, the work they put in to get where they are today, and what their hopes are for the future of Namibia.
Monday to Friday @ 07h40

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Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, SME’s; Listen up as we share tips and tricks from experts to take your business/idea to its next level.
Monday to Friday @ 08h05

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Drop it low and give us 9.
Exercise is one of theeeee most important habits humans should cultivate and we’re giving our listeners daily motivation and tips on why every drop of sweat is actually worth gold.
Monday to Friday @ 08h20

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A gathering where we learn or refine our social thinking abilities and our social skills. Here is also where we enhance your interactions with others in all settings.
Monday to Friday @ 08h40

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Africa is trending and we’ve got our finger on the pulse in all sectors. If it’s Afro-Inspired, we’re celebrating it.
Monday to Friday @ 08h40