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99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080) PART 2-16

Every Weekday we’ll read out the lyrics to some of the best Hip Hop Afro & RnB Songs, and all you have to do is call us and tell us the artist & the song.
Monday to Friday @ 15h15

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080) PART 2-17

The ultimate Sport show in which people of note in various sport codes participate in discussions, be it the Olympics, World Cups, African Cups, Careers in Sport.
Monday to Friday @ 15h30

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080) PART 2-18

The single guy's guide to life is a practical and straightforward approach to navigating the ups and downs of being single.
Monday to Friday @ 16h15

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080) PART 2-19

It’s all about building wealth through smart financial strategies. We're discussing the importance of setting financial goals and creating a roadmap.
Monday to Friday @ 16h30

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A curated, uninterrupted top 5 playlist that keeps you company on your way home. Because Music Is the answer at the end of the day 🙂
Monday to Friday @ 17h00

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080) PART 2-20

From soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics, tennis, racing, you name it. We’ve got the latest and we’re sharing it Monday's to Friday's.
Monday to Friday @ 17h30

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080) PART 2-01

The 99FM’s MYD HEART is dedicated to physical, psychological, and emotional well-being in Namibia.
Monday to Friday @ 17h35

99FM - Show Logos - Post (1080x1080)-01

A local events calendar with an attitude that gives you the what, where, and when. We’ve got you everywhere worth being.
Monday to Friday @ 17h45