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99 - Presenter - Treza


99 - Treza - What the actual fact_Square

Did you know....? The world is full of wonders and we are sharing interesting and weird facts to expand your knowledge.
Monday to Friday @ 10h15

99 - Treza - Hip Kouture_Square

Look good and feel good with these local & International trendsetters. We're sharing the What's Hots and the What's Nots from.
Monday to Friday @ 10h30

99 - Treza - HashTag_Square

Join us at Hashtag, the Radio Show where Trends and Tunes Collide, and immerse yourself in the perfect fusion of music and the ever-evolving world of what's hot and happening.
Monday to Friday @ 11h15

99 - Treza - MYD Earth_Square

We share and discuss environmentally-conscious tips and tools to save our planet for the next generation.
Monday to Friday @ 11h30

99 - Treza - Kulture Talk_Square

We’re talking to and about the art and artists that influence our culture
Monday to Friday @ 11h45

99 - Treza - Game Changers_Square

They may be young but they're doing the most. We’re chatting to and about the top under 30 Game Changers.
Monday to Friday @ 12h30

99 - Treza - Women Crush_Square

We talk to and about the phenomenal women who run the world, above and beyond the grass ceiling - entrepreneurs, artists, mothers, daughters, carers, activists, politicians, teachers and every fabulous female you can find.
Monday to Friday @ 12h45

99 - Treza - All Request Lunch Hour_Square

Turn Up the Flavor on Your Noon Break, It's the All Request Lunch Hour – Your Playlist, Your Way!
Monday to Friday @ 13h15 -14h00