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99 - Presenter - Skrypt


99 - Skrypt - Sweet Escape_Square

The lunch time rush is done, now you can slow down and sip on life's Sweet Escape with Oshikandela. Give us a call in the studio & share a moment in the day that brought you joy.
Monday to Friday @ 14h15

99 - Skrypt - MYD Smart_Square

An intellectually stimulating show that transcends traditional boundaries to explore the frontiers of knowledge, innovation, and human potential. Our aim is to empower audiences to grasp complex concepts and apply them to their own lives.
Monday to Friday @ 14h30

99 - Skrypt - Final Whistle_Square

The ultimate Sport show in which people of note in various sport codes participate in discussions, be it the Olympics, World Cups, African Cups, Careers in Sport, we’ve got you covered! Let the games begin!
Monday to Friday @ 15h30

99 - Skrypt - Single Guys Guide to_Square

The ultimate destination for all the single men out there looking for advice, insights, and a good dose of entertainment.
Monday to Friday @ 16h15

99 - Skrypt - Money Matters_Square

It’s all about building wealth through smart financial strategies Our guest expert will share tips and techniques for creating a budget that works for your lifestyle, managing debt effectively, and building a strong credit score. Tune in and learn how to take control of your finances and build the life of your dreams!
Monday to Friday @ 16h30

99 - Skrypt - Megabyte_Square

Welcome to 'Megabyte,' the show where bytes of information come to life! Join us as we navigate the digital landscape, unravel tech trends, and share the latest insights in the world of bits and data. Your journey through the digital realm begins here.
Monday to Friday @ 16h45

99 - Skrypt - Top 5 @ 5_Square

A curated, uninterrupted top 5 playlist that keeps you company on your way home. Because Music Is the answer at the end of the day 🙂
Monday to Friday @ 17h00

99 - Skrypt - Sports Bulletin_Square

From soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics, tennis, racing, you name it. We’ve got the latest and we’re sharing it Monday to Friday's
Monday to Friday @ 17h30

99 - Skrypt - MYD Heart_Square

The 99FM’s MYD HEART is dedicated to physical, psychological, and emotional well-being in Namibia.
Monday to Friday @ 17h35

99 - Skrypt - Out & About_Square

A local events calendar with an attitude that gives you the what, where and when.
Monday to Friday @ 17h45