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Aleksandra Ørbeck-Nilssen

Where Foodies and Health Meet

Food is fuel for our bodies and using the right fuel has an effect on our hearts, brains, moods, creativity and much more. In Windhoek, a group of passionate foodies,…

What the Model Learnt From the San People

Nanofasa, which derives its name from a saying that means Nature Never Jumps, is an organisation that is looking to uplift, empower and up-skill the Ju/´hoansi San communities in Namibia….

Teleported to Palatable Tranquillity

“When we taste food, the brain creates a flavour profile based on the information that we feed into it by means of our tongue and taste buds, our eyes and…

From the Catwalk to the Bushwalk

An international supermodel who swopped the cover of Elle Magazine, the catwalk and modelling internationally for brands such as Hugo Boss and Jimmy Choo, to come and live in Namibia…