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Dion Chang

The MYD Show – Magic Moments : The Mind

Over the last few weeks MYD has been exploring the brain, the mind, mind-set and more, with the view to understanding ourselves, our drives, and the powerful organ that is…

The MYD Show : Season 2 Episode 6 – Developing Minds

Our brains hold an unbelievable power that can propel us forward. However through the development of our minds we are able to shape our behavior and relationships. If a thought…

The prison walls of your cell… phone

Reduced melatonin levels possibly leading to neuro-degenerative diseases later in life, impaired concentration, eye problems, increased stress, chronic pain, heart disorders and these are just some of the major health…

Why Trend Forecasts Deliver Opportunities

“Africa doesn’t have the infrastructure or the funding which means you have to think differently, you have to make a plan, and just find a different way of doing things….