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All About The Majestic Giraffe With Stephanie Fennessy 

This episode of MYD Earth features Stephanie Fennessy, Program Director at the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.  A conservationist of note, Fennessy has a range of expertise in the environmental and conservation…

Sticking our Necks Out for Giraffe

The World Celebrates World Giraffe Day on the 21st of June every year. While these charismatic species have captured our hearts, it was recently uncovered that their populations have dwindled….

Are The Gentle Giants Disappearing?

Giraffes are an emblem of Africa, yet a new discovery means worrying news for the species. In Namibia, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and the work of both Julian and Steph…

Sticking our Necks Out for Giraffe

“Up until very recently, not much was known about giraffe. These mostly shy and silent animals are mostly under-researched, and as a result their social structures and behaviours remain mostly…