Technology Innovation Bazaar

The first ever Namibia Technology Innovation Bazaar!!!


Mark Mushiva, Tech Innovations Coordinator and Helena Afrikaner, Community coordinator from the Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub (ICTechhub) were recently on The Ignition with Che Uulenga to tell us about the Technology Innovation Bazaar.

“Technology is no longer just a tool, it is a cultural force”- Mark Mushiva

One can only agree with this statement. Look at what Worldreader did for increasing world literacy through e-reading, or Pak-energy solutions-by bringing clean fuel to homes in Pakistan and even Sanergy, they made sanitation accessible and affordable in the slums of Kenya.

These are but a few of many tech innovations that have helped solve a problem and benefited the communities.

Helena stressed that, the importance of the Bazaar is to give Namibia the same opportunity in inventing technology that fills a need and fits into the Namibian context.

“If Namibia opens its doors to technology and innovation, and assist the youth in doing so. They can also create something that will make a difference in the Country and boost the economy of the country,” she says.

Che asked one crucial question: Is Namibia ready? To which Mark replied, “We are definitely ready since we use technology and we have adopted foreign technologies already.”

Listen to the full interview below and get to hear how the Bazaar hopes to promote interest in Science and Technology among the younger generation, encourage scientific and technological creativity among students and  provide exploratory experiences which encourages creative thinking.

The Bazaar is a new national event, which brings forth original local ideas on how digital technologies can be used in products and services. Hosted by the Inclusive and Collaborative Local Tech Innovation Hub and the Faculty of Computing and Informatics at Namibia University of Science and Technology, the Bazaar connects industry, government, academia and civil society to each other and to upcoming inventors in the field of digital technologies.

All are welcome.

When: 22-23 May 2019

Time:  08:30-17:00

Where: NBII Windhoek

1 – 3 Glück Street

Windhoek, Namibia

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