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Telecom Namibia bolsters educational resources at Aranos Primary School

Telecom Namibia, a leading Namibian telecommunications provider, announced today the donation of photocopy machine ink and printing paper to Aranos Primary School. This contribution underscores Telecom Namibia’s unwavering commitment to empowering educational opportunities for all Namibian learners.

During the handover ceremony held at the school, Walter Modise, representing Telecom Namibia,emphasized the company’s firm belief in education as the cornerstone of a thriving society. He acknowledged the challenges faced by schools in acquiring essential resources and highlighted Telecom Namibia’s strategic focus on bridging the educational divide.

“By providing essential supplies like photocopy machine ink and printing paper, we directly empower educators with the tools they need to deliver effective instruction and cultivate a stimulating learning environment for every student,” stated Modise.

The donation of printing resources signifies a multifaceted commitment to enhancing the learning experience at Aranos Primary School. This includes providing valuable learning aids like printed materials that reinforce classroom instruction and deepen students’ understanding of complex concepts. Additionally, empowered educators can utilize these resources to create clear and informative materials for assessments and assignments, streamlining the learning process. Finally, fostering creativity is also supported, as students will have the opportunity for self-expression through written work, drawings, and projects, contributing to a well-rounded educational environment.

Telecom Namibia’s dedication to education extends beyond today’s donation. The company actively seeks new avenues to support schools across Namibia, fostering collaboration to create a learning environment where every child can excel.

“We extend our sincere appreciation to the Principal, Teachers, and Staff of Aranos Primary School for their unwavering dedication to shaping young minds. These printing supplies empower you to continue delivering exceptional educational experiences to your learners. Together, Telecom Namibia and Aranos Primary School are investing in the future of our nation by cultivating a generation of well-equipped and empowered learners.”