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“THINKING THAT CAN CHANGE OUR WORLD… The African continent is rising. A platform for not only sharing, but telling and shaping the true African Narrative.

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Despite its high potential, Africa is still haunted by old ghosts of war, corruption, patronage, poverty, oppression, lack of authentic innovation, slave mentality, paternalism, colonial impact, lack of unity, to mention a few.
The problem is highly attributable to the inability of Africa to liberate its voice and tell its own stories of the past, the present and the future. This long thirsted change is at the centre of The Inspiration Project, an initiative the primary objective of which is to create an informed and empowered generation of economically savvy, politically astute and socially aware future leaders.

The essence of The Inspiration Project is aggregation of content (information, knowledge, intelligence, insights, resources) in a multi-tiered platform where participants can deduce insights that help them:

• Find new solutions to old and emerging problems.
• Position themselves for relevant opportunities in their organisations, communities, nations, the continent and across the globe.
• Make the difference they want to make.

Africa’s Iconoclasts, Creative Thinkers and Social Battalions inspire and empower other daring Africans by telling their stories in a variety of platforms, including live events, activations, videos, written form and digital media.

In short, we connect Africans to Africa, and generate conversations that move us forward.

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