The Magic of Conversation with 99FM and McKane

99FM and McKane once again teamed up to host the unique and mind-shifting experience that is The Conversation Café. 

As the sun began to set on Thursday 20 February, the night progressed while raindrops fell and a group of 54 exclusive guests from all walks of life assembled at the cozy cosmopolitan Olivia’s restaurant at Am Weinberg Estate. 

The guests were treated to flavourful and delicious cocktails that one can only encounter at the  McKane Experience Bar. What followed was a 3-course tapas-style menu of delectable fresh food straight from Olivia’s kitchen.

The topic up for discussion on the night: “Does life have meaning, if so what is it?” 


By the time the night ended, everyone had left their table with at least one perception or stereotype squashed.

“Thank you for creating a safe place to share our thoughts and opinions while getting to know people we would otherwise not socialize with,” said Daphne Sam who attended The Conversation Café for the first time. She had such a good time and describes the experience as “incredible”. 

Windhoek-based journalist Ndanki Kahiurika said the event served as a reminder to avoid getting caught up in being on survival mode instead of simply living. 

An evening filled with laughter, great food, and thought-provoking questions and conversations. What a great concept! Cheers to 99FM and McKane for that!” she said.

If you want a seat at the next 99FM The Conversation Café in association with McKane event, make sure to keep your eye on our social media pages.