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#TheTribeExclusive featuring BlaqMasters

This artist who proudly represents Okahandja brings brand new vibes and all the fire on this episode of #TheTribeExclusive. In his hometown, he goes by the name Simmy, but out here in the city of lights, we know him as the one and only Black Masters. 

Here’s what he had to tell us about building a name for himself in the music game: 

What is the story behind BlaqMasters?

It started back in high school. I wouldn’t do talent shows and all that because I didn’t want all that attention, so I was more into songwriting. I always loved Oviritje so I wrote mostly for Oviritje artists such as Okazera. 

You were part of the popular group One Blood, how did that happen?

There were actually three members when I joined the group. I intuitively wrote a song for them which I presented to Daphne. I told her about it and my wish to record with them and she agreed. I did mostly backup singing and dancing since Victor was the main guy.

But you were a real musician all along …

And then Black Masters comes along. It happened when one of the One Blood trio at the time went solo. By then I was already out of the group and she decided to do her own thing. I became her backup singer and dancer. After that, I met a producer called Speko who approached me to start my own thing and we formed Black Masters.

BlaqMasters has come a long way as a solo act. He has released numerous songs mainly by request. Many of his fans approach him to compose wedding or birthday songs which he has been releasing over the years and which have helped him build up his brand. His latest single titled ‘Lock It Down’ is about the current global pandemic and in it, he tells his fans not to panic, not to be scared but to remain hopeful.

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