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#TheTribeExclusive featuring Diolini

Diolini made her first appearance on The Tribe a little while back giving us a performance of her song, ‘Off The Grid’. This time around, the soulful songstress is back to tell us about her music influences, her creative process and the possibility of finally releasing her debut album. 

Let’s start with your musical journey, where did it all begin?

Growing up I was always surrounded by a lot of musical influences, starting from the music that my mom listened to and the movies that I watched. I drew a lot of inspiration from that and the deeper I fell in love with listening to music the more I thought about what it would take and what it would feel like to actually create some of my own. So that’s kind of where the journey started. I got my first guitar when I was sixteen and the rest is history.

Has this become a full-time career and do you plan on releasing an album any time soon?

Right now it does feel like it’s a full-time career, it’s not as full-time as I would like it to be but it’s definitely something that I dedicate almost all of my energy towards.

I definitely do want to release some work, it’s been a long time coming. I’ve been growing who I am for about five years now, so creating music and putting out something for the people who’ve been supporting me is next on my list.

You are also an actress. How do you bring your music and acting work together, how do you merge those two worlds?

They are actually quite separate, to be honest.  Music requires you to be raw and true to yourself and authentic and acting allows you to escape into new worlds.

The closest that my music comes to my acting is how I prep for a role. I use music to calm down and to soothe my nerves.

What projects are you working on right now, acting and musically?

Well, I’ve put acting on hold for a little while because right now my energy really is longing for the music.

I’m in that kind of spiritual world right now with creating music. A lot of my supporters have also been asking me for an album and I’m finally ready. My heart feels right and I feel open and the music is there so everything feels right, it feels right to put out music.

Where do we follow you on social media to keep abreast of what you are working on?

I’m most active on Instagram, so everything else would be pointless to tell you about, so follow me on Instagram @Diolini.

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