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#TheTribeExclusive Featuring One Blood

Award Winning group, One Blood have come a long way since their ‘Warakata’ days. The sibling duo, comprising of Daphny and Victor have since become a powerful force in Namibian music, churning out hit after hit song in their signature sound which is a mix of Afro-pop and township disco.

The two describe their sound as “bloodiano” or “One Blood Music”, with Victor saying that the sound is named after their stage name. This, he says was born of the need to have everyone relate to their sound, without boxing it into other existing categories. 

With that decision obviously paying off, their music has transcended Namibian borders and speaks to people from all cultures and Daphny is not surprised about it, saying; “That was actually our aim from the beginning, to do music for everybody, because as they say, music is an international language”. 

“They don’t understand what we are saying but they dance to it. And that is what we aimed for you know,” she adds.

Not only is One Blood making waves on the African continent, but the duo has also performed in the United Kingdom, Canada, Scotland and England.

They encourage other Namibian musicians to make music not only for the Namibian market, but for the world at large. 

Following the mixed reactions to their music video for their first hit, the two are determined to start making videos that will appeal to more people – just like their music. “This one is going to include more of dancing. There are different groups or different dancers that are going to dance,” says Victor about their next video.

To keep up with One Blood, follow them on Instagram @OneBloodNamibia and on their Facebook page titled One Blood Supporters Group.

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