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#TheTribeExclusive Featuring Sally

On this special episode of ‘The Tribe’, Sally Boss Madam talks music, innovation and longevity in the music  industry.    

We’ve seen you on almost every single stage whether its at a private function or corporate gig, but we love how it’s not easy to spot Sally in person. You’ve got to stay tuned to the radio, TV or Facebook page. We love that.

I’m actually very, very private. I’m not out there as much as I probably should be. I’m not very entertaining in my real life.

But Sally Boss Madam. She’s out there, she doesn’t care, she makes everybody dance but she’s very confident, and when I’m on stage and Boss Madam comes out she’s absolutely just wow to watch and a lot of times when I watch clips of my performances I actually go like, I did that.

Your music, we feel the soulful Sally even when you sing, especially when you do your ballads, or R&B and slow jams.

That is now the part of me that I’m still actually trying to introduce to the public. You know people get carried away. We get carried away as well as artists you know. We are out there, we dance, we sing and it’s show time, the lights go on, and it’s show time now.

But you know what, it’s good to always remind your people that you have those moments where you want to be alone. You have those moments when you go through things and you just maybe,  play your guitar or you play your piano, and I love playing the piano more. I’m learning the guitar.

I think all artists need to be able to play an instrument. But they all like to say, but my voice is also an instrument. Well some of us have better voice instruments than others I guess.

Every time you release you keep showing us that we haven’t seen anything yet. It’s like you are saying there’s more coming.

And I’m very confident about it and I’m hopeful and I’m excited. You know what the best part is? You know I’ve done so many things and it takes a lot for something to really excite me.

I’ve asked you this question and you keep telling me you are sold out, so that means that your records in terms of your sales must be crazy.

They’re good. Records are selling, they fluctuate, are up and down and it also depends on how you push forward. What I did, you know when you have a hit record, this is actually advice, if you have a hit record don’t be in a rush to put out another one. So I’m just saying you must utilise every little stage you’re given, every platform to the most of your abilities, and so that’s what I did and I didn’t have to rush into the next, and it gave me time to actually raise my son.

You are also multitalented, there’s just so much that you can do, and you have moved into fashion and design. Is that something you’re just trying out?

I started sewing since I was eight years old. Because my Mom used to do that and she still does, so I kind of got it from her and when I grew up I just wanted to, I stopped but then now I just wanted to polish it, so I took a few classes and I’m enjoying it. I’m still learning. It’s a great experience but every time you see me on stage, what I’m wearing on stage, I’m definitely wearing what I made.

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