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#TheTribeExclusive Featuring Shishani 

This 99FM Tribe Exclusive features the undeniably talented singer-songwriter Shishani.

A global citizen with her roots firmly set both in Namibia and Belgium, the musician grew up in the Netherlands and uses her diverse cultural background to create music that appeals to a global audience. 

Shishani holds a Masters degree in Musicology, which she earned following her in depth research on urban Namibian music by Oshiwambo speaking musicians. 

“So I talked to Gazza, N’gatu, Blossom, Ras Sheehama, and I did my thesis about it, finished, and graduated. Then when I finalised that I was travelling quite a bit, I got to go to Italy and play at the UNESCO Water Assessment Program,” she reminisced about her studies.

Talking about one of her biggest projects, Afro Namibian Tales, She said; “The Tales, well for me it’s been a journey. I’ve always been interested in what kind of traditional music we have, so this project is basically taking elements from all kinds of African music, the whole African continent and taking Namibia as the focal point.”

The project was well received not only in Namibia but also in Germany and Amsterdam.

Over the years, and various musical projects later, Shishani has managed to grow and evolve as an artist. She credits her travels around the world and meeting so many different people along the way, for this.

“I think I was just lucky enough to be able to go around and hear all kinds of music from all over the place and of course it changes you. It influences you. But I think it’s also coming to a point where for myself, I know I’m a musician, I know I’m supposed to make this great, wonderful music, but at this point I don’t feel like I have to prove anything to anybody. It’s my own journey, and that gave me so much rest and peace within myself to just really give myself the chance to explore and do the things I don’t know,” she said.

For fellow musicians who wish to remain consistent and relevant with their craft, Shishani has this advice: “Step out of the comfort zone.”

She also encourages artists to keep challenging themselves and understand that they will never be the same person every day and that’s ok. 

Follow Shishani on Twitter @ShishaniV and on Instagram @shishani.music. 

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