Vanishing Kings II Premiere & Book Launch

The premiere of the Vanishing Kings II (a sequel to the documentary by the same name, produced by Will & Lianne Steenkamp), and book launch, will be held at the National Theatre of Namibia on the 09th of May 2018 @ 18h00.

The book and the film, portray the life of four consecutive generations of Desert Adapted Namib Lions. Each Lion is afforded the chance to play a character in this story, revealing individual personality traits captured in anecdotes and interactions as well as exquisite photographs.

The book will strike a chord with anyone with a love for these noble creatures, and also promises to reach them in a way they may not have been reached before – visually, intellectually, emotionally and for the more academic reader, scientifically because most research events in the book are original data that have not previously been published.

The book Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib Desert is the culmination of two decades of research by Dr. Philiip Stander.

See the trailer below, and book your tickets from computicket, available now @ N$50 p/person.


The Vanishing Kings Foundation is extremely proud to announce the release of its latest initiative: the book Vanishing Kings – Lions of the Namib Desert published by HPH Publishing.

Dr Philip Stander reflects on more than thirty years of lion research, which has culminated in this captivating book about the desert-adapted lions of Namibia. Co-authors Will & Lianne Steenkamp share their behind-the-scenes experiences in the making of their multiple award-winning and Emmy-nominated wildlife film series, Vanishing Kings.

Producer of the film series Vanishing Kings, Will Steenkamp, says: “The power of media should not be underestimated, and our films have proven that once again. They have undoubtedly played a big role in bringing the desert-adapted lions of Namibia into the conservation spotlight. Having reached millions of viewers around the world, their story has evoked bucket-list wishes to see these magnificent animals in the wild, and it has encouraged much-needed debate to acknowledge the importance of conserving these rare desert-adapted lions.”

“Now that we have the attention of the world, this book comes at a crucial time, when we need to learn more about how these incredible animals survive in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but more importantly, how we can find ways for man and lion to live side-by-side in the unique conservation areas of Namibia” adds Director of Photography, Lianne Steenkamp.

The Vanishing Kings Foundation strives to fund more research on lions and the ever-present conflict with mankind. “Only if we can expand our knowledge on lion ecology will key role players be able to make informed decisions on the conservation of these unique lions”.