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Wanderlust – Getting lost in the beauty of Namibia

‘Wanderlust’ is the irresistibly strong desire to travel or wander; the word may be German in origin, but the feeling is universal. The impulse to explore, to push the boundaries and to challenge preconceived ideas can be realised in the calm of a Tibetan monastery, at the depths of the sea, or it can be quenched right here at home. 

In this short adaptation of a feature previously published in Travel News Namibia entitled ‘Wanderlust’, Elzanne Erasmus writes about her belief that we should all adopt a little ‘wanderlust’.

“Every inch of our country is covered with these sparks of ‘awesome’. You may think that a night out with friends in town, laughing and having a ‘jol’, is fun and makes you feel alive, but you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced that exact moment when sitting on top of Big Daddy in Sossusvlei, or lazing in the rapids of the Popa Falls in the Kavango River, or following a desert elephant as it meanders down the Ugab River. Namibia’s beauty, it’s awe-inspiring people and wildlife and the epic moments you’ll create on your travels, that makes you come alive.”

While places are inspiring, it’s the people – those you travel with and those you meet along the way – that turn a trip into an experience. 

“In every corner of the country I have met someone who fuelled my love for the land – from school children in Rundu, tour guides at Twyfelfontein to OvaHerero women selling crafts next to a dust road outside Ozondati. There was one thing all these individuals had in common, irrespective of their age, culture or location – they love Namibia and they have a full understanding of the importance of preserving it.

“What I love most about my countrymen is their pride and spirit. We love being called Namibians and we never miss an opportunity to shout it from the rooftops. It is this pride that should inspire Namibians to explore their own country. They will be amazed to discover how much more beauty and wonder there is to fall in love with once they start this journey.”