Welcoming the Creative Industry Guide 2019

“What do you value? Do you value fashion? Do you value architecture? Do you value photography? Do you value music? If you value those things, I have to see you advocating for those things on a daily basis.”

These were the words of National Arts Council of Namibia chairperson Patrick Sam at the recent launch of the 2019 edition of the Creative Industry Guide. 

Hosted at what has become one of Windhoek’s most creative hubs – TribeFire Studios, the event was attended by creatives and supporters of the industry who lauded the guide as a one-stop-shop for whoever is looking to collaborate with or connect with Namibian creatives. 

Joel Haikali, an award-winning filmmaker and the brains behind the Creative Industry Guide, says the creative sector has long been overlooked and that this narrative should be changed. “For the longest time we’ve just been seen as artists. A lot of people had no idea how we could potentially contribute to the economy or how useful we are to it, sometimes even more useful than other industries,”he said.

Toufic Beyhum from Advantage Y&R called the guide an amazing list which enables advertising professionals like himself to source freelancers for collaborations.

The guide contextualises the creative economy through insights by industry experts as well as a comprehensive listing of people and companies in the creative sphere.

It has been described by industry players as an invaluable resource which showcases the extent to which the creative sector is contributing to the Namibian economy.

TribeFire Studios CEO Stefan Hugo summed up the importance of the creative industry quite aptly, saying; “Carefully creating these narratives that influence mindset is the most important contribution the creative media industry has to make in the world,  country and economy.” He added that the creators have the unique ability to ‘stretch our minds into new perspectives, to entice us to do things differently, to help us to get to know each other better and have more empathy with our fellow earthlings.'” 

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