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08 December 2023

– The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia says that only 1, 043, 144 active SIM cards out of approximately 2,436,367 across all licensed networks in Namibia, representing 43%, have been registered, with less than a month left before the deadline set by the regulator on December 31, 2023. – The Brief

– Kenya is sending 1,500 farm workers to Israel, the labour ministry has said. The announcement comes nearly two weeks after Malawi sent 221 young people to work on Israeli farms, triggering a backlash against the government there. – BBC

– Federal prosecutors have filed tax charges against Hunter Biden, a second criminal case against the US president’s son. The nine-count indictment says he schemed to evade at least $1.4m in federal taxes from 2016-19. – BBC

– A group of 48 MPs and 27 peers have signed a letter urging the Football Association to change its rules on transgender inclusion to “protect women and girls” in football. It says the existing rules undermine fairness in the women’s game. – BBC Sport

– Cooler air expected in the //Karas region this weekend.