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10 November 2023

– Windhoek’s Mayor, Cllr Joseph Uapingene, revealed that a proposal on the debt write-off is being finalized to serve at Council before the year ends. The proposed submission will highlight the various options for a debt write-off programme for eligible residents.

– The Kenyan High Court has blocked a new charge for national identity cards which had sparked a national outcry. BBC reports that the cards had been free but a fee of $6 was introduced without any advance notice. – BBC

– The US says that Israel will begin to implement four-hour military pauses in areas of northern Gaza each day to allow civilians to flee. BBC reports that US President Joe Biden says it’s a “step in the right direction” adding that he will continue to advocate for aid to the territory. – BBC

– New Zealand all but sealed a World Cup semi-final spot with an easy five-wicket win over Sri Lanka in Bengaluru. – BBC Sport

– Moderate to heavy falls are expected in the North and Central regions with widespread rain with hail expected in the North and Central regions over the weekend. Please take necessary precautions.