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5 Christmas Hacks To Make Your Life a Little Easier and Prettier

As Andy Williams  sang, “ it’s the most wonderful time of the year…”

It is both wonderful and stressful. Make Christmas a little easier on yourself with these 5 last-minute hacks to impress friends and family.


Pumpkin Snowmen

We’re in the heat of summer, in a hemisphere that never gets snow even in winter. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy little elements of a “white Christmas”.

Add these pumpkin Snowmen to your Xmas decorations.



Xmas Tree Napkins

Master the Christmas tree napkin fold and you won’t need to buy any special holiday napkins or napkin rings.

Watch the tutorial video here.




Cookie Boxes

Homemade cookies are excellent gifts for teachers, co-workers, and neighbors, but after all that baking, you’ll need an easy way to present them. You can decorate those empty parchment paper/aluminum foil boxes, or, for the larger cookies, go for empty Pringles tubes!




Xmas Tree Platter

Running late for a holiday party?

Grab a veggie plate at the grocery store and rearrange it to look like a Christmas tree. Bonus points for bringing a healthy dish!




Tangle Free Lights

So it’s time to pack up and store away. Don’t spend hours untangling those Christmas lights again. Use a hanger to wrap the strings and you’ll thank yourself next year.