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Life as a Light Painter

Linda Louw, a creative soul with an eye for the extraordinary, based in Swakopmund, Namibia, is a photographer, videographer and fine artist whose images capture the viewer in the story she tells. With even the simplest of objects one is transported to the story, to the space and to the emotion in her work. 99FM’s MYD Art spoke to this talented artist who prefers her privacy while she creates mesmerizing art works.

Linda Louw 99FM MYD Art
99FM’s MYD Art asked :

What do you love about photography and videography?

“From the moment I wake up, I live it. I am always fascinated by the smallest or the largest detail in everything around me. I get distracted very easily and every day something will catch my attention and I find it rather difficult to  concentrate, even in conversations. I am always observing  everything around me and intensely aware of whoever and whatever is in front of me, how the light falls on an object, a micro emotion on a face, a shadow.”

Can you explain how you tell a story with your art?

“I have experienced so many amazing memories and moments in the past in this awesome country, and have had the privilege to travel far and wide in Namibia for video productions on land, at sea and by air. Every picture tells a story and I experience the emotion, the feeling, the time, the context when I look at my images.

Your images in their simplistic beauty transport a person to a place of space, how do you achieve this?Linda Louw 99FM MYD ART

“It is about harmony and simplicity really, I cannot explain it.  I dislike clutter in my photographs or videography and I avoid any distracting objects. It comes naturally, effortlessly. If you try too hard or learn only the technical side of any craft, you should stop. If it feels like you are putting too much effort and energy into it, you should reconsider.  It should be effortless, to notice something as small as a shell on the beach and how the light falls on it.”

“If I have my camera with me and when the opportunity presents itself, I will capture the moment. By the same token, I feel sad for those who simply walk past and cannot see the moment. Or for those who depend on technical knowledge and very fancy, expensive equipment to take a once-off timeless photo.  Anyone can take a beautiful picture, if you are at the right place, at the right time, but the magic is really to be consistent and passionate in your craft, irrespective of the tools you prefer to use.”

AB 1How does art assist a person in their personal expression?  

“Art affects everything in your life. Be it the way food is presented on a plate, the color of a building, the clothes you wear, art is all over.”

“I am always astonished at what meaning and value good art has. The feelings of harmony or turmoil it brings.  If an image or painting evokes an emotion in you then I believe that artist has achieved to speak to the viewer on a deeper unexplained level.”

Linda Louw 99FM MYD ART

How can art and creative expression deliver peace to someone?

“Art in any form is very subjective, what is beautiful for me or someone else will always differ, it might be very disturbing for someone else. There is emotion involved in all art.”

“There are images and paintings of my fellow artists and photographers that I simply cannot live without, they haunt me with their beauty and I have to marvel and look at them daily. That gives me inner peace, when the artist has spoken to me.”

Do you have a personal philosophy you live by?

“I have many:

  • Life is about the choices you make, good or bad
  • What you give you will receive
  • Be generous with your talent and share it with kindred spirits.”

AB 2

What advice would you have for other budding artists to find their space, niche and voice of 99FM MYD ART

“If the creative spirit is in you, it is in you. Do not deny it. Just do it. Just live it. There is no way of getting rid of it once it is part your fibre. That urgency and thirst will always follow you, live it.”

“Practice, practice, practice your skill and passion every day. Self-fulfillment will follow. It may seem like a selfish outlook, but you only have this one life, live it for yourself and not to please those who differ from your passion. Just don’t give up, live it.”

Contact Linda Louw for Video Productions, Photography and Fine Art Prints, by emailing lilo@mweb.com.na