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Daring, Different and Digital

Social media has become the market place of today’s generation. Not always to make purchases, as new research shows, but always to research intended purchases before making a buying decision. This is seeing the birth of a new type of entrepreneur, one that is seeking out the opportunities that see them able to birth their business without major capital investments.

amalia Fb99FM’s MYD Smart spoke to a young Namibian entrepreneur about how she is using social media as a tool to grow her business. Amalia Shaanika, who was born in the North of Namibia, is the name behind the business Ammylaz Investment cc. Amalia describes her young business as the bringing together of both the arts and business. An artist by heart, Amalia explains that, “a business is a form of art in that it starts with creativity.”

Under Ammylaz Investment cc, Amalia is able to provide import services on a variety of high end fashion products and interior design products as well as provide interior décor and event organization service offerings. She manages to do all this using technology, thus allowing her to focus on growing her business and keeping her customers happy. “My mother used to say that you don’t need money to start a business and I believe this. You just need to be determined and find your own signature, be daring and different if you want to be successful.”

Using the accessibility of technology Amalia notes that she takes her office with her everywhere she goes. She adds that this has meant she can keep her overheads low which helps her to focus on sourcing beautiful interior design pieces. She refers to her business model as a “win-win philosophy, making sure that both my customers and I come out winners.”

Amalia uses all social media platforms to keep in touch with her customers, from Facebook to Whatsapp groups and she says it’s working as a business model and she is seeing her client base grow. This determined self-starter is an example of the importance of passion and self-belief in building a business. Amalia notes of her drive, “I would like to feel like I did my part, I did not grow up in an easy way.”

This artistic entrepreneur shares with fellow entrepreneurs her advice for creating a business you can be proud of, “Don’t be afraid to be different, believe in yourself and then work towards learning all that you can. I love to read and almost everything I know today I taught myself.”

Get in touch with Amalia through her Facebook page by clicking here : Ammylaz Investment cc

Smart PhoneSocial Media Musts for Business

If you’re in doubt, here are four social media musts for business:

  • The Relevant – Be relevant. Even if real time is great, relevance is more important to your audience.
  • Kiss Kiss – Keep it simple, sunflower. It’s taught in business schools and it rings true for all social media mavericks. Nobody has time anymore for long drawn out messages.
  • Influence the Influencers – Your biggest fans spread your message so be sure you’re being nice to them.
  • Be You – Just because everyone else is using this week’s “it” word, doesn’t mean you should too. Identify your brand and stick to the voice of you and your brand.