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99FM’s Bravo Namibia Pick of the Week: PayPulse

Here at 99FM, we love celebrating people and things that move our country and continent forward. And this week we’re giving a big round of applause 👏 to:

Standard Bank’s PayPulse – A proudly Namibian cardless system that makes everyday Namibian’s lives that much easier.

Here are 5 reasons we’re saying Bravo to PayPulse:

  • It’s easy, convenient, and free. 
  • It’s a wallet on your phone. So no more carrying around cash or cards which translates to no more annoyed shop tellers staring at you while you’re frantically looking for your wallet that in your mind’s eye you can see on your kitchen counter. 
  • You don’t need to have a Standard Bank account to be able to use PayPulse. In fact, you can use PayPulse even if you don’t have a bank account at all. Simply top up at any Standard Bank branch 
  • If you don’t have a smartphone, no problem. Simply dial *140*6626# and follow the easy steps to register
  • But most importantly it’s taking Namibia’s cardless payment game to the next level. 

Well done PayPulse. Well done 👏

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