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Let’s Talk Psych tips on communicating effectively in relationships 

The lockdown had many people in relationships lucky enough to spend more time together, or in other cases, being forced to do so. You may love your partner to bits but as the saying goes, “even lovers need a holiday” – away from each other. 

So while lockdown restrictions have been eased, we remain confined to our homes with social interactions still limited. That means more time with your partner if you live together.

To help love birds who find themselves in this situation, Let’s Talk Psychologists offers a few tips for effective communication:

How can couples maintain healthy communication when they live together? 

Effective communication works when both parties are equally communicating. A couple can schedule a meeting at the end of each day to vent and be informed on what is going on in the other partners’ life. This allows expression and should involve interest on both sides. 

What are some of the tools that couples can employ to help them strengthen their communication skills? 

*Allow your partner to speak freely (uninterrupted) 

*Be clear and direct with the problem area 

*Create solutions and always be calm and relaxed 

*Keep your tone soft and easy 

*Express your feelings (openly and honestly) 

*Learn to listen and avoid shifting blame 

*Don’t be confrontational 

*Set time to talk and be present and attentive when you do

– Liseli Kamona is a Psychological Counselor at Let’s Talk Psychologists. Since its inception in 2014, Let’s Talk has aimed to provide quality psychological services to the Namibian population. The organisation now has offices in Rehoboth and Okahandja to assist clients who are not able to travel to Windhoek on a regular basis.