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A Joy that Overflows in Fits of Laughter

“My motto is “give joy –get joy” and kindness is a special gift, which science has proven effects the giver, receiver and even the witnesses of kindness equally.”

The Joy of Life seems easier to attain in the playful summer months. This doesn’t mean however that we don’t feel many moments of sorrow or stress even in the months seemingly defined by happiness.

If joy is our birth right, and we are all deserving of a life where we feel the exuberant joy of being alive, then how do hold onto Joy all through the festive season. To answer this question 99FM’s MYD Heart spoke to Joy catalyst Nicola Jackman, a well-known South African actress and now author. Nicola prepared the following piece for us to brighten our summer and keep the fits of laughter flowing.


Brighten Your Summer – how to be joyful ALL festive season by Nicola Jackman

“The heat is on”, temperatures rise internally and externally and what should be the festive season, really becomes the silly season with many folks losing their cool, especially when we’re surrounded by family.
So here are four winning joyous tips, to support you to stay in joyous delight and even be a source of joy all festive season, no matter what’s going on around you.

PAUSE – Yes, I know we’re just too busy to pause. Yet, I am highly recommending you take a few five to ten minute pauses, throughout the day. I call them “nature” or “stillness” pauses. That time out will refuel you and give you energy to stay in your joy until the next pause.
My only exception to stillness is prayer – sometimes when I feel I’m too busy to stop, I pause, pray and surrender everything, and I’m instantly lighter.

BRAGG – This is the only BRAGG I recommend. It’s actually an acronym for Breathe, Relax, Awareness, Ground & Give… As a care clown in hospitals we use BRAGG to stay present and in our all-LOVING, best versions of ourselves.
When a shift happens, we are often triggered with one or another fear response, which is the opposite of BRAGG. So when it feels shifty, focus on BRAGG. You literally feel grace return, when you’re intentionally – BREATHING, RELAXING, keeping your AWARENESS all around you (not limited), GROUNDING yourself in the present moment and choosing to GIVE instead of focusing on the GET… It’s truly remarkable and works every time.

FLOW FUN EXERCISE – Movement is medicine and flow toys are easy to find. Get up and get moving, be the person in your group who reminds everyone that play is not just for children. I love to hula-hoop, it’s my favourite exercise, my hoop has become my dance partner and I literally feel joy rise up as I dance in my circle of love. There are poi and juggle sticks and balls and many more flow toys, which inspire all ages to relax and play again non-competitively.

Last and not least… this world of ours is truly a remarkable gift and I feel that it is our humanKINDness, which truly shows our Creator that we loVe and appreciate life… so my final power joy tip is BE KIND.

BE KIND – HumanKIND be both… My motto is “give joy –get joy” and kindness is a special gift, which science has proven effects the giver, receiver and even the witnesses of kindness equally.  You will feel the joy rise up inside with every Act of kindness you share. Some of my favourites include keeping fruit in my car to give to beggars, pick up the trash you see (for our planet), thank people who are of service… There are so many opportunities to be kind, shift your focus from your problems and give, and you will see your light shine again.

I pray love, peace, joy, harmony, grace and all things yay – continue to grow in all beings and in all manner of all things to infinity and beyond – AMEN!
Blessed Festive Season all!

You can get in touch with Nicola Jackman on Twitter @nicolajackman or Facebook by clicking here : Nicola Jackman


Nicola Jackman, besides being a well respected actress is also an author who has recently published a book titled “MAfrika”.

“MAfrika” is an adventure story of a courageous 7 year old being from another land. She journeys to find the remedy for the Numshaq (a disease that has stolen all the feelings), while she journey’s, she meets many WOWders, the beings who make you say wow & help teach her to let go of fear and choose love!

The book is based on the story Nicola does in her one woman stage production “MAfrika”. On sale at Super Spar here in Namibia, the book is hoping to raise funds for Nicolas growing #joymoVement.


Take a look here at Nicola Jackman’s TEDx Cape Town talk on “The Joy of Giving” here :