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A Legacy for the People

The Namibia Nature Foundation, or NNF, is one of the most respected NGO’s in Namibia, working hands on with communities towards broad sustainable development that positions people at the centre point of environmental conservation.

The projects this NGO are involved in are wide ranging and include work in natural resources management, marine and fisheries management and many more. Their projects with community conservation cover areas such as community forestry and community employment opportunities amongst others. In their work in species conservation they have projects for species such as the Namibian African Wild Dog, the Namibian Dolphin, the Albatross and more.

Chris Weaver the Director of WWF, wrote a tribute to the NNF, which featured in Travel News Namibia where he said, “The NNF’s evolution into a key player in natural-resource management has been built on a strong foundation: the organisational strength of the NNF in providing sound financial management services for partners.” Weaver goes on to Angus Middletonsay of the NNF that their “prominent national role in conservation and development over the past 20 years has been both remarkable and pleasurable to follow.”

99FM’s MYD Earth sat down with Executive Director at the NNF, Angus Middleton, to talk about the journey the NNF has taken to today be called one of Namibia’s leading conservation and sustainable development organisations.

In 99FM’s MYD Earth show, Angus Middleton shares with us how people and passion are part of what has made this NGO such a conservation success.

Here are some of the areas covered in this episode of MYD Earth :

  • The work the NNF does specifically in communities and how are these projects helping improve people’s livelihoods
  • The biggest challenges faced in conservation in Namibia
  • Some of their projects successes like the exciting Albatross Task Force project in Walvis Bay and the fish breeding project in the Zambezi
  • Advice for being part of the conservation solution in Namibia

Take a listen to the MYD Earth show with Angus Middleton of the NNF, here :


For the NNF’s website, click here :  Namibia Nature Foundation
For the Travel News Namibia article by Chris Weaver on the NNF, click here : Tribute to the Namibia Nature Foundation