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The Future is Written in Green Stars

Namibia now has a 6 star green building, a first of its kind. Emcon Consulting Group is a Namibian consultancy firm operational in the energy, electricity, building services and project management sectors, with its head office in Windhoek. Their offices now use 79% less energy than the average office building.

This Namibian organisation embarked on the process to convert their office to the epitome of sustainability and were surprised by the ripple effect of benefits the conversion had. According to Glenn Howard, a Director at Emcon, “We always believed that we had a comfortable, healthy working environment, but now we know for sure. Of course we’re reaping the benefits of far lower operating costs, but the real benefit comes from the morale and productivity boost
from the certification process and the 6-Star result, which even surprised us.”

99FM’s MYD Earth sat down with the Sustainability Consultant for Emcon Consulting Group, Carina Muller, to find out how they went about the process of conversion to achieve the coveted 6 star green building rating.
In 99FM’s MYD Earth show, Carina Muller, shares with us how Emcon achieved their 6 star green rating and how you too can reap the benefits of converting your home or office.

Carina Muller

Here are some of the areas covered :

  • How the Emcon Consulting Group became the first 6 star green rated building in Namibia
  • The surprising benefits of going green in your home or office
  • Why going green acts a cushion against environmental changes
  • Smart ways you can start the process of going green in your home or office

Take a listen to the MYD Earth show with Carina Muller, here :