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Afrospection with Suncycles’ Marita Walther (van Rooyen)

Marita Walther (van Rooyen) is a Namibian Writer, Editor, Photographer, Environmental Social Activist and co-founder of Suncycles Namibia, which is all about sustainable energy use and mobility. Marita shares here her learnings and lessons from the past year, her self examination from Africa… her Afrospection.

Looking Back…

Q: How would you describe your 2017?

A: A whirlwind of adventures, challenges and positive changes.

Q: What was something good that came out of 2017?

A: Having the opportunity to work with local communities on traditional, plant-based medicines, and playing a part in putting more e-bikes on Namibian roads.

Q: What challenged you in 2017 and how did you overcome this challenge? 

A: There were a few unexpected challenges in 2017 and I learned the best way to deal is to grab the challenge as if it was an adventure!

Q: What was your favourite Art in 2017? 

A: Through working with local communities, I have established a renewed appreciation for traditional art and crafts, a physical depiction of our diverse cultural heritage.

Q: What was your biggest health and wellness learning of 2017?

A: That our body is an amazingly flexible vehicle, but it will only allow itself to be pushed up to a certain point before it seriously rebels against any further input, action or habits.

Q: What was your biggest personal development learning of 2017?

A: To focus my energy on things I truly believe in.

As for the Holidays…

Q: What is your favourite food in December?

A: Fresh fish, grilled on the open fire, preferably next to the beach where you can smell the very waters it just departed from.

Q: What is your favourite Namibian destination?

A: Anywhere in nature where there’s minimal modern disturbance, and space for a tent.

Q: What book should we all be reading?

A: 1421. The Year China Discovered the World.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration?

A: Through cultural roots, the natural environment, shadows and light.

Looking Forward…

Q: What is your mantra for life?

A: Be gentle.

Q: What is your wish for the world for 2018?

A: To act sustainably.

Q: What is your wish for Namibia for 2018?

A: To realise our country’s potential for sustainable alternatives and taking action on it!

Q: What is your wellness goal for 2018?

A: More respect for body and mind.