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Afrospection with Adriano Visagie

Adriano Visagie is an award winning Namibian actor, a Radio host and media personality and a Full-time Banker.

He shares his learnings and lessons from the past year, his self examination from Africa… his Afrospection.

Adriano’s favourite quote right now:

“Everything you ever wanted and everything you ever hoped for is on the other side of FEAR.”

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one quality or ability, what would it be? 

AV: I would love to have the ability to sing better, because music unites people.

What challenged you in 2018 and how did you overcome this challenge?  

AV: Working on a production with David Ndjavera ,“Dialogue Between a Dying Man and a Priest…” written by Marquis de Sade, a revolutionary politician, philosopher and writer who is famous for his libertine sexuality. The play challenged my religious beliefs and moreover, the monologue was intense as we spoke in 18th century English.  Two weeks before the show I asked David (Director) whether we could postpone the show as I was struggling to get into character and adapt to the play. His response was; “There’s no business like show biz”. This was the motivation I didn’t know I needed, we then worked harder to transform the theatre into the space that got me into my character, ‘the dying man’.

What’s one thing that bothers you most about the world today? 

AV: I’ve been working since the age of 15, knowing what hard work and dedication it takes, I always value individuality in my art. But to me it feels as though, we live in an era where everyone wants instant gratification. This creates the impression that the value of art is measured by how many likes you have, or your following on social media. This leads to people thinking that to make an impression, you need to show how rude you can be to society on social media, and social media makes this look cool. This is more like a celebration of mediocre art.

What was your biggest personal development learning of 2018? 

AV: When I was in Lagos, Nigeria with the nomination of our film Salute. I realised there how they work together as an industry, and also compete as an industry, with the aim to develop their own state. I’ve learned and applied the same, if opportunities are not granted for you, then you create them. If there is no chance for you to be on stage, create the art that will allow you to be on stage.

This year I yearned for different forms of ar,t and collaborated with Senga Brockerhoff to create “Just Tina”, a drag show that empowers women to celebrate themselves as a tribute to the great Tina Turner who survived GBV (Gender Based Violence).

What is your wish for Namibia for 2019? 

AV: I would like to see the youth use art as a way to stand up against what’s wrong in society. Provocative art can be lucrative as well as allow for the much needed unity in society.  Art can address issues such as GBV , HIV/AIDS, Corruption & Racism.

Where do you find your inspiration?   

AV: I find inspiration in the people I meet every day and those are people from all walks of life who I align my energy with. Energy and alignment are two very important factors for me, hence I keep my circle small.

What’s on your bucket list for 2019? 

AV: To work harder, Travel more and spend more time with my family.

Do you believe in second chances? 

AV: Yes I do. Nobody’s perfect and we are all a work in progress, but we need to make sure we learn from the first mistake.

What skill do you wish you had?

AV: I love plants and being in my garden is quite therapeutic, however I would wish to poses the skill to grow herbs