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Aiming For a Plastic-Free World 

This MYD Earth feature puts a spotlight on the founding members of Recycle Forum Namibia. This is a company that has made it their business to prioritize sustainability, a company whose product is a bad reputation in the key earth space yet this company is setting the standard by being part of the recycling solution in a way that also promotes economic growth. 

Jaco Venter and Gloudie de Beer talk to MYD Earth about recycling for sustainability.

MYD: Why did you decide to get involved in founding Recycle Forum Namibia?

Jaco: The aim has strategically always been to have a very good alliance between packaging and the environment. It sounds like it’s two opposite worlds but it’s not because we are part of each other. If we don’t manage the process, it will forever be a problematic commodity. So what we are trying to achieve is to get the best possible recycle percentages in Namibia, and I believe because we are so small it’s possible to become the best recycling country in Africa.

MYD: Fantastic, and what is Recycle Namibia Day, what does it entail?

Gloudie: Basically it’s an opportunity for people who might not have the opportunity at this stage to recycle, to actually bring their recyclables to one centralised location. So it will basically be a nice showcase for what is currently happening in terms of recycling in Namibia, but also to give the community an opportunity to actually bring their recyclables in as well.

MYD: What’s your message for anybody who maybe doesn’t recycle yet, what would you say to them as to why they should?

Gloudie: Recycling is not as difficult as it might seem. There are systems in place where you can just put everything in one bag and the sorting and everything is done for you, but recycling really can make a positive contribution not only to tourism but also eventually to the economy of Namibia through all the different add on activities that can actually come from recycling. So if you are unsure of how you can contribute to the sustainability of Namibia, commit to recycling, it’s easier than you think and the results will astonish you.

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