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#TheTribeExclusive Featuring BLVC BOXX

Blvc Boxx Entertainment graced #TheTribeExclusive studio with their energetic presence to talk about their work and just what Blvc Boxx movement is all about. 

Birthed in August 2017, Blvc Boxx has come a long way as a music label and movement and has become one of the most vibrant music groups in Namibian music today. 

Consisting of lead female act, Top Cheri, Princelou Faragama, Tesh, Athawise, King Elegant as well as the newest member Slime the rapper.

TheTribe: Prince, you know you’ve been doing the hip hop part of things and you were like one of the writers coming up from the bottom. How has Blvck Boxx Entertainment helped you develop as an artist?

Prince: It’s been a blessing honestly, like it’s improved me as an artist and as a human being as well by being under Black Box and being surrounded by people like these.

It’s a blessing so it’s all love actually.

TheTribe: I want to talk to the Afro Bead king over there from the Land of The Brave. Where do you see your music going because I feel you want to see it travel beyond borders. Have you thought about it?

King Elegant: Ja I did. The music is good, you know, but then for me it’s more.

Prince: I want to take it far, you know what I mean, because people will say not only Nigerians can do it. I want to feature these guys too, I want to work with these guys. Countries like Ghana, Nigeria,  Tanzania …

TheTribe: Top Cheri, your project  titled ‘Fertile’ was dropped under Blvck Boxx, tell us about your album?

Top Cheri: ‘Fertile’ to me is the process of being able to bring something that was not in existence, when in the process of the studio, it was too deep for me, the guys would be like are you going to your baby, because it was a baby for me you know. Being in the studio, it was like, it was like a real baby and it was so much easier being in studio with people who have the same vision as me.

TheTribe: Talking about social media Prince, you performed at the Nasty concert. Through social media folks could vote for you to see you performing on stage. How was that experience?

It was actually shocking, I was very shocked. The last day of the voting I was at the coast with Top Cheri, that was like the most hectic time ever and for the people to actually come through and vote and like yo, we want to see you there. It was something, a dream come true actually.

TheTribe: Being so many under a label and always supporting each other, how do you deal with sticky situations like other artists or other labels if there ever are sticky situations?

Prince: Luckily for us we just play the avoidance game. We get along with whoever gets along with us.

TheTribe: King Elegant, in terms of just promoting yourself as an artist and putting yourself out there more, you feature with a lot of other Namibian artists?

King Elegant: As for me also I’m just about the visuals too and also the album, ‘The Optimist’.

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