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The Power of Giving Back With Nabukenya Muwonge

The MYD Africa show throwback series takes a look at some of the magic of the MYD Show, the highlights that we’ve had and this specific show is no different. 

Kirsty Watermeyer chats to Nabukenya Muwonge, a certified life coach who worked as a training and development specialist in public health for eight years before transitioning to her passion as a life coach. 

Nabukenya is about to share a bit about her journey, how she was helped along the way, and ho she now chooses to help others.

MYD: How did you become a life coach?

You know I had a best friend who was certified and he called me and he said I think you would love this, I think you would be really good at this, you know you need to enroll for these programs, and of course you know the universe conspires and what you want deep inside of your heart you end up attracting it to yourself. Initially when I studied coaching I would meet people and then what they would say is that sports coaching, so that’s how it was back then. It was not what it is now where you go to the bank and even the teller is so impressed and enamored with you as if you were a doctor just because you tell them you’re a life coach.

MYD: How do you keep open to receiving if you not, what can you do?

Face your fears and challenge your fears, and even if you think you can’t do that, it helps if you talk to someone you trust and someone who really does actually have your best interests at heart. They help you to see you for who you really are beyond your insecurities. 

MYD: Ja. In terms of giving back, how much of our soul requires that and what would happen in Namibia if we were to engage with one another and support one another more in a positive way?  

That’s a really, really good question. Giving back is really important for multiple reasons. You didn’t get where you are on your own. You are not God, you are not an island, you got back there because so many people around you must have created an environment or circumstances that made you believe in yourself, that made you want to you know rise above what your circumstances are. So you have a responsibility to give back. If we all took that responsibility things would be different. 

MYD: Is there anything else you would like to share with us in terms of connecting with one another, with ourselves and creating the influence that we want in our lives?

Yes, in the same way you make it a priority to acquire things, in the same way you make it a priority to secure a husband. Make it a priority to listen to your body and connect with yourself, and make it a priority to receive you know love or friendship or kindness or whatever it is around you. Make it a priority to look after yourself first, because when you one hundred per cent okay you’ll be okay with everyone else.

And be patient with yourself. Every single day that you wake up and you try, you’re making a difference. Even if what you are doing is building up your courage, building up your resilience, that’s enough.

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