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Brain Surgery and Bravery


“Being a hero means standing out, and standing out requires you not always to do what is easy but to do what is necessary and to do what makes you happy. To be a hero in the arts means to do what makes you happy even though it’s difficult and it seems like nothing is happening. If it makes you happy, there is a reason for you to be doing that”

A diagnosis of a cavernous malformation on his brain stem saw the illustrious Namibian singer, Sean K faced with the often ignored fact that life is fleeting and we are not always guaranteed of a tomorrow.

What started as some facial numbness, quickly escalated into numerous brain scans until the doctors recommended that surgery was the best option available. Surgery though came with its risks as Sean says “I was given the news that I might not wake up from the surgery, or that if I did I might be paralysed.” Thankfully, Sean awoke and is currently recovering awaiting his debut back on the stage. “Amazing” Sean explains “was the way the doctors worked to ensure no damage would be done to my vocal chords during the surgery. To do this they had to isolate which nerves in my brain stem were linked to my vocal chords to make sure they did not cut these nerves. They knew I was a singer and if I recovered I would want to be back to the stage as soon as possible and the doctors took this into consideration.”

In a journey that can only be described as a rollercoaster ride, Sean K says that after many brain scans says “I came to the office one day and got an email to tell me that I needed surgery! Imagine getting an email that says so we have to remove the cavernous malformation on your brain!” After meeting with doctors in South African Sean explains that the doctors said he would have to have the operation because of the location of the cavernous malformation on his brain, that being his brain stem.

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99FM’s MYD Art asked Sean K how he felt receiving this life threatening news “The day before the operation was the first time I had any kind of breakdown, but I mentally prepared myself for everything and that helped. Although death was not what I was thinking about, even though it was a reality I kept thinking” and he laughs as he says “that the world hasn’t heard me sing yet!”

A seven hour operation later and a lengthy recovery process and Sean K is back and ready to get back on the stage and do what he does best, sing. Keep your eyes on the events calendar as you’ll be finding him on a stage near you soon.
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