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Building a Career in Actuarial Science

How the Allen Gray Orbis Foundation boosted Mathew Green’s career in Actuarial Science

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s purpose is to cultivate high-impact responsible entrepreneurship. They seek out young people who have the potential to change the world with their energy, curiosity and new ways of seeing and understanding the problems we face, and how to solve them. Their role is to nurture this potential using their ecosystem of partners, programmes and resources.

Their  ethos is grounded in the understanding that entrepreneurship is a mindset. In addition to unique skills and acumen, to succeed as an entrepreneur, the Foundation believes that one also needs intellectual imagination, personal initiative, courageous commitment and a spirit of significance and achievement excellence. This is why the Scholarship is so central to their work, as they consider it the most powerful tool in fashioning an entrepreneurial outlook among young people.

MYD sat with Matthew Green, a Product Specialist at one of the leading Life Insurance institutions in South Africa. He spoke to Nicole about his studies in Actuarial Science at UCT and how the Foundation helped him get into this field which is rare and highly sought after. 

More about the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation: 

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation was created in 2005 as part of Dr. Allan Gray’s (the Founder’s) vision to make a sustainable, long-term contribution to Southern Africa by nurturing the emerging entrepreneurial potential from the region. The Foundation’s vision is therefore, to develop high impact entrepreneurs who will create sustainable businesses that shall contribute to a reduction in unemployment in the country.

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation (Namibia), a registered Trust, was established in 2009 with the purpose of advancing broad-based economic empowerment in Namibia by providing comprehensive financial support to learners, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who wish to become entrepreneurs. The Foundation gives them the appropriate exposure to tertiary education and/or training as well as providing entrepreneurial and leadership programmes. This is intended to prepare those who aspire and demonstrate ability to be high impact entrepreneurs.

For more information visit https://www.allangrayorbis.org

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