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Cactus Clean Up in the City

Cactus plants, outside of their home ranges, are among the most damaging invasive plant species in the world. Not a single cactus is endemic to Africa, and in many parts of Africa, the plants have taken over naturally found vegetation. In addition, they are a risk for both animals and humans. In Windhoek, a team of passionate individuals are hoping to clear the city of the invasive cactus plants. In this episode of the MYD Earth Show, we speak to Gunhild Voigts from the Cactus Clean Up project, about the project and why it’s so necessary.

“Many people are not aware that all cacti come from the Central American states; none are indigenous to the entire continent of Africa”

img_20170114_085457797In this MYD Earth podcast we find out:

  • Why invasive species can be a danger to indigenous flora and fauna
  • How cacti are not indigenous to Africa and are threatening natural vegetation, wildlife and even humans and their pets
  • How teams are cleaning up invasive species in and around the capital city in what has become an employment creation opportunity
  • Why the cactus clean up needs your help.

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Gunhild Voigts from the Cactus Clean Up project, here :


To read more about the damage that can be done by invasive species, read the MYD Earth article with Luise Hoffman, an avid amateur botanist, by clicking here

For more information about the cactus clean up project, contact Gunhild Voigts by emailing gunhild.voigts@gmail.com

All donations received by the Cactus Clean Up project go towards paying men and women to remove cacti.