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Celebrating MultiChoice Namibia’s 25th Anniversary with Linda Baumann

Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

Linda Baumann started volunteering at the age of 13, feeding refugees and raising money in the camps.

“I believe in basic fundamental values and principles of dignifying people. Ensuring that respect and, integrity is upheld at all times but, also at the same time ensure that our voices and every person’s voice is heard.”

Do you have any favourite memories with MultiChoice that you can share with us?

We have two DStv Exploras in my house. We have about six TVs in my house. It basically means that there’s an addiction in the Baumann family when it comes to DStv. I don’t want to be disturbed when I watch my twelve soapies and I watch my daily ones on time.

My journey with DStv has been very interesting. DStv evolved from just M-Net’s ‘Open Time’ and then graduated to the actual small decoder. With every upgrade, my family upgraded. The Explora made life much easier because now I can pre-record.

That is an experience that is a privilege for my family. I also see my kids, my grandkids.  Blaze does wonders. I even know what Blaze is going to say because that is all my grandson wants to watch. He sings and that’s beautiful. It is diversifying young people’s experience of TV.

Is there anything that stood out for you with regard to service or product development?

I must give MultiChoice credit. They are playing more black movies. With BoxOffice, I can actually go into liberation movies and not watch movies where they are shooting the whole time. You can see African movies that are being played now, that are historical. I’m not a cinema person. My cinema is my big screen at home. Don’t ever take me to the movies, I will fall asleep. With the Explora I can fall sleep, rewind and watch it again in the comfort of my house. That’s the beauty of MultiChoice and the effect that they are now Africanising it. I just hope they can bring Namibian movies into play.

Linda has your association with MultiChoice allowed you to dream soar for your dreams and aspirations in any way?

Oh, ja. I think MultiChoice advances one’s dream into reality. It makes you realise that this dream that you are dreaming in this very township of Ovambo location, somebody has expanded that.

How has your association with MultiChoice allowed you to enrich the lives of the people in your community?

My house is the community centre for people who want to watch TV, because my mum is a people’s person.