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Celebrating Multichoice Namibia’s 25th Anniversary with Wilhelm Louw

Customer Perception Is Our Reality

At MultiChoice Namibia, Wilhelm ensures that the company stays true to its promise of enriching lives and looks at ways of improving customer service on a daily basis.

Are there any specific special moments throughout MultiChoice’s journey that you can share?

A few years back I got the opportunity to be acting manager in the operations department. That was the highlight for me. I got to know how things are done on another level and what is expected from you.

How has being a part of the MultiChoice Namibia team changed your life?

Made me more aware of what customer service is. If I go into a shop, I also have some expectations. I know how it feels to be behind the counter. When somebody is not happy with the service they get. I always try to look at how we can improve a customer’s experience. If a customer comes in and he has a business need and a personal need, sometimes you’ll hear life stories. However, when a customer leaves, he or she must leave with a happy face. The expectations he or she had when they came in, should be met.

How has your own personal life been enriched through your association with MultiChoice over the years?

I think it made me understand people better. It made me want to learn more. I have two kids, so I teach them things so they have a better understanding of how life is or what life is about.

What contribution are you making towards MultiChoice’s purpose of enriching lives?

We’ve made a promise to the customers that we provide a one-stop service. On a daily basis I look at how can stay true to our promise. Are we giving the customers what we promise? I also look at ways and means of how to do things better.

We used to have payments done at the office. We’ve now rolled out a system where you can also pay at Woermann & Brock and Shoprite. Where you do your shopping, you can now also make a payment, so making life easier for the customer.