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The MYD Show – Woke with Papa Shikongeni

In this episode of the MYD Show, a Namibian artist who uses music and visual art, to create awareness around social issues and drive a message of inclusivity for all humanity, joined us in studio. That artist is Papa Ndasuunje Shikongeni, popularly known as Papa Shikongeni.

“I had to leave to exile, with my young age. I became a solider… I came back home and my school had been disturbed and I couldn’t go back to school… I had discipline of military, so I went decided to go back to my grandmother.”

With many awards both locally and internationally for his art, which has seen him tour the world, Papa Shikongeni joined us to share on the power of awareness and the art that lies in everything.

“I believe that we have all these talents within ourselves, it’s just for us to discover them.”

In this MYD Show podcast we find out:

  • How Papa Shikongeni became the prolific Namibian artist he is today
  • The two most important pieces of advice Papa Shikongeni ever received
  • The dynamics of art as an integral part of our world

Take a listen to the MYD Show with Papa Shikongeni, here :