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Celebrating Multichoice Namibia’s 25th Anniversary with David Mbeha

Soaring for Greatness

David was born in Katima Mulilo, in a small village, Ngoma, with no access to television, as he was growing up, became TLC’s Next Great Presenter in 2015. He is currently a fourth year student, studying Economics at the University of Namibia. The bubbly and energetic personality with his contagious smile is the epitome of stardom.

Tell us about your journey with MultiChoice. Share your favourite moments, memories, any highlights?

MultiChoice has been so much of a family from the moment I was elected as one of the finalists in TLC’s Next Great Presenter. I entered the Multichoice building for the first time and I felt like, I had a support system. I had people who were routing for me. Wanting my success and that to me felt so much like family. People who I could go to and they just wanted to see me thrive.

How has MultiChoice enriched your life when you were crowned TLC’s Next Great Presenter and what did you feel when they called your name?

They have been more of a support system. That’s what they have been for me. Being on such a platform, as huge as TLC or DStv, gave me access to reach such a huge audience across Africa. It has been quite overwhelming and something I thought I would never be able to achieve. A lot of people told me you know what, you’re from a very small country, chances are that you are not going to make.

It was such an emotional moment when I won and also because, I’ve been trying to get into the television industry for a long time. I somehow thought there is no way an international channel is going to give me such recognition, considering I could not get that in my own country.

Being able to stand on that stage and then hear my name announced, I for a second thought, no there must be a mistake. I also shared a very emotional journey with my mother with regards to television. I always promised her that I was going to follow my dream. I’m going to make it. Finally standing on that stage meant that doors were going to open somehow.

How has your association with MultiChoice allowed you to make a difference in your community and what difference have you made?

I think it’s inspiration. It’s allowing people to look at me and say okay, so here is this David from a very small town and he is on this international channel. It means that I can achieve my dream. I have people who write me messages and they say, I see you following your dreams and I’ve always had this dream of becoming a musician and all of a sudden every time I see you, it gives me this push that hey, anything is possible. It has allowed me to inspire.

What doors opened up for you through winning TLC’s Next Great Presenter?

There’s been so many, being featured in Cosmopolitan, my name being mentioned in People Magazine. Going online and seeing your name pop up in so many countries from Tanzania to Uganda to Nigeria. Meeting the First Lady, it’s one of my favourite moments so far. Being invited to State House and just sitting next to her, alone and just having a conversation. It’s something I thought was so out of reach. Something I thought I would not be able to achieve in a million years.

How has MultiChoice allowed you to tell your story, narrative, share your passions and pursue your dreams?

It’s the platform. Knowing that you have this huge audience, access to people in Nigeria, you have access to people in Uganda, everywhere. It’s this huge platform that you receive, therefore making your dreams a little bigger. I think that’s what the slogan says, enriching lives and it’s exactly what it does.