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Conservation Education for Children in Rural Namibia

An environmental and life skills educational programme that focuses on the next generation of rural decision makers, was what was discussed in this episode of the MYD Earth Show.

“Most of these children come from remote villages, far away from where they are attending their school and it means that they come and live, either with guardians or in child-lead homes, which increases their level of vulnerability… and their exposure level is also minimal to none.”

Agnes Tjirare, the Community Engagement and Children in the Wilderness Administrator, from Wilderness Safaris joined us in studio to share successes of a nature based, children centred project, that uses collaboration to support rural children in fulfilling their passions in life and achieving the future of their dreams.

“Through the Eco-clubs, the children are taught about the importance of conservation, they are taught about human wildlife conflict, they are taught about the significance of recycling and reusing, they are taught not to waste water for example. It’s all about caring for nature and giving back in ways that add value to their lives.”

In this MYD Earth podcast we find out:

  • How Children in the Wilderness came about
  • The model of collaboration used and how this benefits Namibian children
  • Why rural children were identified for this project, but how urban children too have been assisted with the project
  • How the project not only support children with an understanding of nature, but how children are assisted in reaching their career dreams through collaborative sponsorships of their schooling needs, even up to tertiary level

“Children in the Wilderness is program that creates learning sanctuaries for vulnerable Namibian children.”

Get in touch with Agnes Tjirare from Children in the Wilderness through their website here

Take a listen to the MYD Earth Show with Agnes Tjirare, here :